· Funded by Fok Ying Tung Foundation;

· Established in Nansha, Guangzhou in January 2007;

· The first and the only foreign research institute in Nansha;


Relying on the research and development advantages of HKUST, combined with the development needs of universities, institutions and enterprises in the Pearl River Delta, FYTRI mainly focus on :

- Internet of Things
- Advanced Materials
- Advanced Manufacture and Automation
- Environment and Sustainable Development
R & D Platform at all levels

· National High-Tech Research and Development Program of China (863 Program )
· National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program)
· National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)
· New Research and Development Institutions in Guangdong Province
· Post-doc Workstation in cooperation with the Nansha Information Technology Park
· National Engineering Research Center (Industry Automation) (South China Division)
· National Supercomputer Center in Guangzhou, Nansha Sub-center

Guangdong & HK Cooperation Base

· National Ministry of science and Technology ——  International Science and technology cooperation base

· Guangdong provincial government —— GD,HK & Macao (International) Youth Entrepreneur Hub

· Guangzhou municipal government  —— Guangdong science and technology innovation achievements demonstration center

· Nansha District employment leading group —— Nansha Guangzhou (International) Entrepreneur base



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